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3F BIO has developed technology to meet the protein requirements for a growing global market using a patented zero-waste process technology which covers large-scale integrated production of mycoprotein.

The demand for food protein is increasing at a rate equivalent to doubling every 30 years, increasing by almost 10M tonnes annually, and this market is worth more than €1trn. Current supply is dominated by animal protein; however, as global populations grow, the inefficiencies in animal farming are increasingly recognised as unsustainable and undesirable.

The Future of Protein

The Real Meaning of Sustainability
3F BIO is a Rising Food Star in the EIT Food Network

As a biotechnology company, 3F BIO provides a disruptive solution to maximise resource efficiency and make sustainable protein at a global level, producing affordable protein which meets consumers’ expectations for taste, texture and health, with reduced environmental impact and CO2 emissions. The technology produces mycoprotein, an established ingredient which is the core ingredient in the world’s leading meat free brand, at significantly lower cost and with 90% lower carbon, water and land use relative to beef.

With a feed conversion ratio of starch to protein, the technology creates transformative economic and sustainability advantages in making “the lowest cost sustainable food protein”. As a patented integrated process within a first-generation biorefinery to feed a natural fermentation process, and combines this with operating cost efficiency derived from the zero-waste process, and capital cost efficiency derived from integration at scale into existing supply chain infrastructure.

3F BIO’s aim is to produce 1M tonnes of mycoprotein cumulatively by 2030 and this is based solely on mycoprotein maintaining its share of the growing global meat alternatives market. Achieving this will equate to a reduction of >5M tonnes of CO2e emissions, generating high commercial scale and profitability, and yet only accounts for a fraction of the global increasing demand. The opportunity from addressing global ‘protein deficiency’ and meeting growing global demand is a substantially greater €bn+ opportunity.

3F BIO’s team comprises complimentary skills across food, biotech, engineering and development and has HQ in Scotland. The future market opportunity is global, and will include regional manufacturing.