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Alcogroup specialises in the global production, distribution and trading of a wide range of ethanol grades. Alcogroup has a worldwide turnover of above € 1 billion in 2019. The two main business units are :

  1. Fuel Ethanol (Europe) &
  2. Industrial & Beverage Ethanol (Worldwide)

Fuel Ethanol: Alcogroup owns and operates 2 bioethanol plants in Europe. The 2 biorefineries produce highly sustainable bioethanol, DDGS (proteins) for the feed industry, corn oil, and liquified CO2 for the food industry and greenhouses:

– Alco Bio Fuel (ABF) in Ghent-Belgium (51% owned by Alcogroup), which started production in 2008 and produced 250,000 cbm of bioethanol and 165,000 T of DDGS (protein) in 2018. ABF also produces electricity through a CHP, corn oil and liquified CO2 for the food industry.

– Alco Energy Rotterdam (AER) in Rotterdam-Netherlands (60% owned by Alcogroup). This is the largest production facility in Europe producing more than 500,000 cbm ethanol and 350,000 T of DDGS. It has a CHP unit on site producing electricity and steam for the plant plus export capacity of more than 20 MW. AER also sells the CO2 from fermentation to greenhouses.

Alcogroup also commercialises additional volumes on top of its own production.

Both industrial sites have available space and utilities to integrate the PLENITUDE project that fits perfectly with the development of the glucose side stream.

Industrial & Beverage: Alcogroup owns and operates 2 neutral ethanol plants in Africa. NCP Alcohols (60% owned by Alcogroup) based in Durban produces more than 50,000 cbm of ethanol and Omnicane Ethanol (40% owned by Alcogroup) based in Mauritius 25,000 cbm.

In addition, Alcogroup’s worldwide distribution and trading business sells more than 600,000 cbm of industrial and neutral ethanol per year. Through its network of global subsidiaries specialised in ethanol distribution, it supports customers all around the world with tailored distribution and value-added services for the blending, conditioning and delivery of all grades of ethanol in the industrial and beverage sectors. Alcogroup has various subsidiaries in Europe amongst which Alcodis in Brussels and Alcotra in Geneva as well as the USA (Houston), Brasil (Rio), Asia (Singapore) and Africa (Durban).

Alcogroup’s strategy is to continue its development in added value co-products that are fully integrated in the process of the biorefineries.