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Bridge2Food is the largest internationally network and platform company active in the area of proteins, harnessing high quality summits, meetings, conferences, courses and seminars around themes such sustainability, supply & demand, (N)GO, consumers need and trends, industry trends, new ingredients and technologies, waste streams and by-products, processing, nutrition, and application. Bridge2Food was founded in 2002 and has been active in building industry and scientific networks since 2007. Over 4,000 companies and delegates have visited Bridge2Food platforms in the past 7 years in Europe, USA and Asia.

Bridge2Food´s mission is to provide excellent opportunities for professionals in the food, feed and pet food industries for personal growth, development and industry innovation & networking.

Bridge2Food has unique expertise in developing protein platforms for industry and research via a database of 30,000 professionals, whom are reached on a weekly basis via direct mailing campaigns and 1 million professionals via digital media such as LinkedIn. Bridge2Food is actively working together with 30 international media and magazine partners on a global basis. In the past 5 years, Bridge2Food has participated in a KP7 project called PROMINENT, which was rated very high due to excellent timely dissemination