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Feb 2020 – Plenitude EU Project Launches Website

Feb 2020 – Plenitude EU Project Launches Website

We are excited to announce the launch of Plenitude new website with the following project partners: 3F BIO, Alcogroup, Vivera, ABP, IFF, Lactips, LCE, Mosa Meat, Wageningen University & Research and Bridge2Food.

Plenitude is the first-of-its-kind zero-waste biorefinery project to produce proteins for food from feedstocks. This 5-year project has received €17m funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 838104.

The main focus of this project is on finding, developing, and marketing mycoprotein, a food ingredient derived from a filamentous micro-organism, Fusarium Venenatum in food markets, pet food, bioplastics and cultured meat.

Download the brochure to know more about this project