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Based in Saint Etienne Metrople, Lactips produces water soluble and biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein. Plastic transformation is realised through our secret industrial process. We are able to provide our pellets fast and with high volume. Those pellets will be used by our clients as a raw material for thermoforming, films, or any kind of plastic applications. Our first mission, correlated with our fundamental values, is to provide our industrial clients with new disruptive innovations to help them entering new markets. Our product will be a cleaner alternative to oil-based products, more efficient and sustainable for consumers and the environment. At Lactips, we are producing a revolutionary natural edible plastic. Our technology enables us to imagine and develop new applications for food industry, such as edible packaging (total harmlessness for human). We are working on a safer future for our planet and for us, with less and less plastic wastes.

The company is supported financially in its project by 4 investment funds, Demeter Partners, BASF, BNP, Crédit Agricole, (3.7M€ raised in June 2018) supplemented by BpiFrance (French innovation agency and bank) and several banks. We are currently 45 employees more than half of whom are in R&D and development project. More than 45 hires are scheduled from 2018 to 2020.

Lactips won the first prize i-LAB 2015, a prestigious French national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies organized by the Ministry of Research. Thus, Lactips obtained a grant of 250K€ for the development of its water-soluble and biodegradable plastic film. In October 2016, Lactips was rewarded for its project to develop a water-soluble and edible film for the food market with a grant of €200,000 under the “Investments of Futures program”, “Future agricultural and agri-food projects” (P3A), managed by the Prime Minister’s Office (French Commissariat General for Investment and FranALCOriMer). In June 2017 Lactips won SME Instrument Grant of 1.5M€. Finally, Lactips is supported in its industrial program by the creation of its plant in 2018 by the Ministry of Land Planning with a grant of € 322K in return for the creation of industrial jobs.

Lactips has gained a great experience in the transformation of natural resources into plastic materials and proposed to use its knowhow on protein in general and on the transformation of mycoprotein furnish by 3F BIO to create an innovative material.

Lactips has worked for more than 10 years on different hydrocolloids ingredient and mostly milk protein for the development of plastic material by extrusion process. This experience could serve the project proposed by 3F BIO since Lactips will help in protein characterisation (WP3) and use of the mycoprotein to produce a plastic material (WP4).