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May 2020 – Introducing Plenitude Partner: Lactips

Plenitude project is developed with the collaboration of Lactips, a leading raw material producer, specialised in water-soluble natural plastics. “Being part of Plenitude project launches Lactips in a dynamic visibility to promote our high added value solution in food contact packaging and edible innovative product”.

Lactips has gained a great experience in the transformation of natural resources into plastic materials and proposed to use its knowhow on protein in general and on the transformation of mycoprotein furnish by 3F BIO to create an innovative material.

Lactips has worked for more than 10 years on different hydrocolloids ingredient and mostly milk protein for the development of plastic material by extrusion process. This experience could serve the project proposed by 3F BIO since Lactips will help in protein characterisation (WP3) and use of the mycoprotein to produce a plastic material (WP4).

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