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Sept. 2021 — Video: Groundbreaking event

Groundbreaking event Sept. 16, 2021 in Sas Van Gent, Netherlands of world’s largest protein facility.

The 15,000 square meter facility is co-located alongside the Cargill facility and will have an initial capacity to produce 10,000 metric tons of mycoprotein per annum, the equivalent of more than five cows’ worth of protein every hour.

“Demand for non-animal protein is forecast to grow at 15,000 metric per day for the next 5,000 days,” says Jim Laird, CEO of ENOUGH.

“ENOUGH uses scalable technology to contribute towards this protein transition, and work with customers who share our hunger and passion for great tasting products that taste as good as and cost not more than the animal alternatives.”

ENOUGH produces mycoprotein, branded as Abunda, by fermenting fungi using renewable feedstocks.