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Vivera is a leading brand in the meat replacement industry. Since 1990, Vivera was an early noticer of this market. Most Vivera products are plant-based, except for products in the range that contain vegetarian cheese. The meat alike products are being sold in over 25k supermarkets in 25 European countries. Currently they are in the top 3 meat alternative producers in Europe and the number 1 brand in their country of origin, the Netherlands. Vivera is available in all major UK retailers nationwide and is ambitiously planning to heavily expand their production capacity and business in the next 5 years.

Vivera develops and produces plant-based meat replacement products like plant kebab, plant schnitzels, plant meatballs and even launched world’s first plant steak. Vivera products are high in protein and are fortified with Iron and Vitamin B12 (and Omega-3 for fish replacers), hereby giving them a similar nutritional profile to meat.

Most Vivera products are based on (non-GMO) soy and wheat protein, with vegetables and added herbs and spices. Crops used are grown using sustainable methods and to continue being able to guarantee the sustainability a lot of time is spent on smart sourcing and regular evaluation of suppliers. Most of the high-quality soy protein is sourced from North America and it is certified by the internationally renowned Round Table of Responsible Soy (RTRS). As the European Union plans to stimulate the growth of protein-rich crops within the borders of Europe, Vivera is planning to be a part of this development as soon as the taste and quality of the soy protein meets the standards and the production volumes are big enough to support the demand, to even further reduce the footprint of Vivera products.

As demand grows for raw materials like soy protein, Vivera is also planning to explore and expand into alternative protein sources. Participating in projects like Plenitude is one of the many steps into alternative proteins Vivera is planning to take in the next few years.

Vivera products allow modern consumers to have a tasty meal while making an environmentally conscious choice. Vivera aspires to increase their impact on the market by successfully combining doing good business with doing good in the world.

At Vivera we believe that life is better when you eat less meat.